Who we are

PAYGUARD designs and implements payment related processes. From order to cash.

We are not a financial institution nor a processor.

But we do know a lot of these institutions, their products, their services and their people.

We are consultants and project managers. 


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What we offer

Increased efficiency, lower costs
For corporates we offer the keys for processing orders, invoices & payments at the lowest cost and against acceptable risk. And by selecting the right payment products we can help to grow your customer base.

With risks we refer to the risks of late or non payment. Or charge backs. A well chosen combination of payment products and target customers will reduce these risks. And an intelligent design of your order process will reduce the cost for reconcilation and credit management.

New products
For banks and other providers of payment products we help to develop new products and improve their services.

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Who we work for

We work for all kind of corporates. Financials and non-financials.

Our principals typically are responsible for Finance, IT, Legal, E- Commerce and Marketing.

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